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    logo_Xuzhou JianPing Chemical Co., Ltd. ewm_Xuzhou JianPing Chemical Co., Ltd.

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    Safety & environmental protection

    Co-development of safety & Environmental protection


    First, Strengthening safety production, working hard on facilities and implementation

    Jianping is a using and manufacturing unit of highly toxic chemicals. Our main product phosphorus trichloride is the key supervised dangerous chemicals of China. We have always attached great importance to the public security prevention and environmental protection management for years. We set up independent safety & environmental protection management department: adhering to the policy of "focused on key points, also working hard on whole factory", we have "three-check and three-supervision": "check violation, punishment and hidden dangers, supervise rectification, system, and implementation ", and take it as the main target of our works, thus we are able to make the regulation of safety production detail-oriented and quantitative.

    A, strictly abiding by the production and sales licensing system of highly toxic chemicals, and carrying out "five-pair " management, establishing and improving the warning for ins and outs of registration, library account and patrol system of production & storage, we aim for certified production and sales. Earnestly implementing the "technology preventation, material preventation, and human preventation” system, we set up electronic patrolling system and perimeter infrared alarm system in factory. Constantly increasing investment in safety facilities. With good guarantee on hardware, we establish 24-hour monitoring system covering whole factory.

    B, constantly improve the prevention management system of public security. In the aspect of logistics, we continuously strengthen control on library and the transportation of goods, and develop a management system for the purchase, sale and transportation of highly toxic chemicals. Strictly following the principle of two certificates ---chemical procurement certificate and pass certificate. For special cases of our product, we build GPS vehicle monitoring system to strengthen the dynamic monitoring in the process of transportation, and ensure the transportation vehicles of dangerous goods from serious violations such as overloading and fatigue driving, we do our best to eliminate the hidden danger of transportation of dangerous goods.

    C, Establishing and improving the system of management, strengthening management and compiling the emergency rescue plans for dangerous chemical accident. With the closing of emergency exercise of dangerous chemical accident sponsored by Xuzhou c people's government on June 28, 2013 in our company, we comprehensively improved the level of safety management and strengthen the emergency ability of staffs.

    Second, Increase investment in environmental protection for getting sustainable development

    Through deepening internal reforms and strengthening enterprise management, Jianping takes environment protection as a key task, and handle the disposal of "waste" in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations. Currently, we have a sewage treatment station with a daily processing capacity of 100 tons. With process improvement and progresses of sewage treatment capacity, we are able to handle process water in recycling way and produce no waste water.

    The exhaust gas of production area all processed by three-stage spray absorption equipment, and the disposal effect can meet the emission requirements; our hazardous solid waste ware sent to local hazardous waste disposal center for centralized treatment.



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